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Times without number within the period of building and managing website for clients, I have been tossed with the idea of writing a book on my knowledge I’ve amassed so far on how I have been developing website with little to no background coding knowledge. And by means of this, helping others who desire to develop and establish a career on this path.

Another reason for writing this book came as a result of common challenges that I have come to discover that are faced by WordPress website users on the ease of use and management of their website, which I have addressed in this book.


This book is:

  • Primarily for those who desire to build or own a professional website/blog with no coding knowledge.
  • For those who have a free-hosted website and wish to migrate to a self-hosted WordPress website.
  • For those who run a self-hosted WordPress website and love to experience an improvement on the management of their site.
  • For those who desire to experience an increase to their WordPress website traffic.


This book focuses on the front-end aspect of web design. It is not a resource for programming or scripting; however I have tried providing enough background information on these topics to give designers a level of familiarity with the terminologies. The content of this book is appropriate for all levels of expertise – most especially those who are new to the operations of a website.

The book is divided into seven (7) chapters.

Chapter 1, introduces some broad concepts, gives background knowledge into how a website works and the required to set up a website.

Chapter 2, shows how to successfully migrate a free hosted website to a self-hosted website without losing any content or post.

Chapter 3, centers on how to design a website; the various features that can be implemented into the designing of any website using GospelBreed Website as a case study.

Chapter 4, shows how to create site categories, site pages and various menus for a website.

Chapter 5, discusses the importance of plugins and how they aid the different functionality of any website.

Chapter 6, discusses the various features that can be implemented before and after publishing a blog post, and also giving a guide through on the use of the 2 different post editors on WordPress.

Chapter 7, discusses the various ways of winning and retaining traffic to a website

PS: A copy of this book grants you the privilege to contact me for any help, clarification and enlightenment regarding this subject.

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